Art by Tony Mose

Tony Mose, Artist

Painter/Sculptor/Gallery Owner


Fifty years of who I am is on every canvas.  I have an uncanny talent for storing images in my mind and recalling the image as well as the story I thought it was telling.  The image can be anything from a woman at the bus stop to a couple at a restaurant, or a neighborhood where all the houses are identical except for each individual owner’s eccentricities.  A large amount of my work is untitled except for an ongoing and evolving, “coronation series”.   It is the patron or viewer’s discretion to pick up where I left off and create their own story in which the painting lives on through them.  As an artist I have not limited myself to one subject.  I paint what inspires me after I put down the first stroke on a blank canvas.  My figurative work has been inspired by my continuous contemplation that everyone has a story and I find it interesting how everyone’s daily agenda is related to their story.  I feel like it is part of my profession as an artist to inspire others, looking forward to seeing you at the gallery.


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